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Hazardous Area Motors

Repair and overhaul of ex-electrical apparatus.

Delta Electrical is an AEMT approved repairer of hazardous area motors, following the BEAMA code of practice.

All British and European standards held and updated in conjunction with I.L.I.

ATEX & IECEx within AEMT

In 1984 the AEMT in conjunction with BEAMA produced the first BEAMA/AEMT “Code of Practice for the Repair and Overhaul of Ex Electrical Apparatus” with input from the major users of Hazardous Area Equipment, and the Health and Safety Executive.

It was subsequently adopted with only minor changes as the British and European Standard BS EN 60079 19, and International standard IEC 60079 19. It is recognised as the standard to which Hazardous Area equipment should be repaired and overhauled.

Since 1984 the AEMT has supported delegates from the repair industry, and personnel from the major Oil companies, Chemical companies, Gas and Water treatment companies etc. from around the world.